Shinkendo/Kenjutsu training day

Started training outside. Burst of rain clouds came over and deluged my area. Sometime later it stopped. Good thing there was no lightning. Absorbing natural chi outside is all nice and good, but I don’t want to point my sword to the sky and call down a rakurai. Started feeling cold after, not during, the rain shower. Glycogen reserves were being depleted. Had a hard time increasing my internal temperature with chi gong, muscles felt like they were cold and depleted. Not sure how long I trained. 1 hour? 2 hours? 3 hours? Shrugs. Some guy drove past me, then stopped and started talking tom e about martial arts. I guess the white belt and katana belted to it, suggested I was a martial artist or instructor. I told him to look into Taiji Chuan, since he seemed like an external martial artist that toured around in various external styles, but recently has been injured and cannot keep up his external art activities. Whether you get old or get injured, the same limitations apply. Figure it out when you’re younger and you won’t waste as much time in the end.

There’s rust on my 1045 iaito from being in the rain for awhile. Time to polish it. Working, working. Rain made my sandals too slippery. Took em off and went bare foot on the cobblestone, that was running with water. Relatively pleasant overall.

Now eating pork. Good energy.

P.S. For questions on what sword steels there are, the differences, and why they matter: look here.

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