What some people said in 2008 that others thought were ridiculous

I do things like that as a sort of time bottle test. Just so I can come dig it up in the future, via the net, and slam it into people’s faces. It’s also a way to use real science in a real experiment to test for real data

It is rather sad that the author of the Uplift novels, stories about the responsibility and duty owed by more powerful and wealthy species towards those younger and weaker than they, would so willingly support the Democrats in demolishing those weaker than the Democrats.

Where has the idealism for a universal standard of ethics gone? Where has the concept of fair play and justice gone, when a man who writes about the requirements of justice will not apply that justice against the Democrats and their actions in this election?


It would be one thing, if these were normal times. Goldwater’s version of conservatism had much to recommend it… though even he, late in life, looked with chagrin at the things that he opposed, like civil rights bills and environmental bills, with regret.

But these are not normal times. By any stretch og the imagination, Republican rule has been catastrophic for the United States of America. The US army has been nearly destroyed, the reserves demolished, our allies driven away, our finances ruined, our credit gone. There are NO metrics under which the previous democratic administration was not better.

That’s the problem with guys like the two (above) who come in and wave a general and theatrical statement, without offering a single reason why it would actually be so.Even worse than the harm done to America has been the harm done to Pax Americana. In 2000, the US was the unipolar leader of the world, respected, admired, and apparently all-powerful. All of our brigades were combat ready (none are today), were were strong by every possible metric.

I invite these fellows to offer one unambiguous and clearcut-provable way that things are better. Instead, we have seen a tsunami of outright corruption and theft.


Let’s see here. “The US army has been nearly destroyed, the reserves demolished, our allies driven away, our finances ruined, our credit gone.”

The US Army has been nearly destroyed? Casualties in Afghanistan twice as much as those suffered under Bush, check.

The Reserves have been demolished? The military budget has been cut and all manners of specialists and other job positions have been cut, forcing many to retire earlier than planned and preventing the military from recruiting as many new people as it could, check. Credit has been destroyed? Obama certainly made sure to recover the credit, I think the US finally lost its triple A credit rating under a Democrat. So Maybe the Dems just wanted First over Bush. Allies driven away? Let’s see here, ipod speeches of Obama given to the Brits, slapping around Israeli PM, letting Iranian death squads kill protestors, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Libya, letting his Syrian dictatorship buddies kill protestors in Syria… well I’m not sure who is an ally of whom these days. Does the US even have finances any more or are we just printing more money to pay off the debt that comes from paying Obama’s all black pure raced Secret Service orgies?

Maybe Mr. Writer here, David Brin, has gotten into the habit of thinking he’s the God of this universe, being a writer and all. However, I would like to say that that is not the case. It wasn’t the case in 2008, and it surely is not the case in 2012.

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