How to avoid crime

There it goes, she says it right there “something is off“. Bad vibes. People often times pick it up without even realizing it. Then second thing, opportunity created by the funnel of a two sided block, the bus and the bus stop, creating an “opportunity” for crime to happen without any immediate intervention from surrounding groups. Then, the hammer and anvil ambush. The moment she said she saw someone coming across at an angle to them, I said “did you look behind you”. Classic hammer and anvil maneuver.

Because the crims had not yet fully committed, they were still in the interview stage, setting up the crime. Melissa’s actions though were not “victim class”, so they decided not to engage. And their excuse was “well, I’m just meeting me friend here at the bus stop….” if anybody, like a cop, asked. Perfectly harmless. Except to those who know what’s up.

Robin of Berkley had a similar experience, that didn’t go quite so well. If she’s reading this, I hope it benefits her. There’s a lot of ways of “solving” the problem.

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