Lia: Musician hired by projects such as Clannad

The ending line, arigatou gonzaimasu, means “thank you very much”. Cute, isn’t it.

Meanwhile feminism in the US has produced the desire for private individuals to pay for thousand dollar contraceptions for feminist activists: they didn’t even bother to say this was a tax on the rich. As well as women selling their bodies for cash, hailed as the glorious progress of NOW, to pay for college (tuition costs that conveniently goes to pay for activists and permanent retention of Leftist staff at colleges)

I don’t know about you, but the Japanese cultural perception and reinforcement of femininity is a lot more attractive than American political power maddened policies. It hasn’t had 40-50 years of Leftist feminism to poison it, perhaps. To know beauty, you must first witness ugliness, and boy, do I understand that.

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