Excuses for writing and reading


That was originally something I found from reading Brandon Sanderson’s comments on the net. I went and visited and in the process of reviewing their archives, I found the author of Monster International, published by Baen. I had seen this title when browsing Baen’s ebooks, but the blurb didn’t seem all that interesting. My analysis changed when I heard that the author, Larry Correia, was a self-published or at least very close to one before he signed up with Baen. Because I’m always interested in rare items that the established status quo, monopolies, and corporations are not willing to consider, this perked my interest enough for me to read it. I liked it.

The writing style was different and provided a good change of pace, and the plot development was interesting enough for me. Most books are boring for one reason or another, after encountering Japanese style literature, writing, and plot development. Monster International is unique enough in terms of its thriller component and action component that that for an American demographic, it was rather new and strange. The sequel also provided a develop and expansion, rather than simply a repetition of old material recycled. So that’s my excuse for not reading it before and reading it after.

You can hear the 15 minute audio podcast here if it really interests you.

I will say this though. Hearing the authors talk about their own books and the details they viewed as important, is a lot more beneficial to me, a potential reader, than reading some blurb that spoils the plot on Amazon or the cover. Then again, the status quo businesses were never really out to cater to consumer preference. That’s the problem. And therein lies the solution.

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