The Oppression of Hollywood

The freedom to express one’s artistic spirit in writing, directing, or visual art demands also freedom of conscience. More than half the reason why Hollywood and even cable tv has nothing interesting for many many members of the various American generations is because the Hollywood soul is dead. And the other half that is undead, is full of greed and a desire to exploit the weak, for nothing better than money. That’ll go about as far as Charlie Sheen’s 1 month supply of drugs.

One person, however, just couldn’t take it at the beginning of March. And he wrote something interesting. Like Neo-Neocon and Bookworm, he is also a changer or defector from the totalitarian Left.

You may know him as one of the original creators (if not THE original creator) of the series Carnivale. Given the setting (similar to the Wild West, ala Firefly), I might actually check his work out, even though I’ve never heard about them before.

Also, if you like good music, consider sampling some of what I listen to or build your own station based upon the music genome. Another thing that would never have existed under government oversight, regulation, and totalitarian corruption.

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