Corporate greed, Wikileaks, Anonymous hackers

Interestingly, Chris Dodd turns up as the chairman of the MPAA. It’s always interesting to know what kind of jobs former Democrats go into once their political careers have raked in the maximum amount of cash and influence.

Then there is SOPA, advocated by other politicians, mostly Democrats, in order to ensure the gravy train from the MPAA does not run out. Something not quite pure about that relationship.

Then there’s the blowback from the SOPA and MPAA, leading to the hackers of the internet, one group named Anonymous, to give Wikileaks the various emails hacked from Stratfor employees.

Then let’s not forget our dear good old boy Dodd’s relationship with Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy, the other big corruption spot, that wasn’t removed even with his death. Feminists called him a great Lion of a man, because of how many power and money he devoted to feminism. Then again, feminism is just another way to use up women, which Ted Kennedy showed that he had a knack for while driving over that bridge of his. Now black people in America keep talking about white people getting away with crime, but you’ll never hear them talk about Ted Kennedy. Because he supports welfare and feminism, meaning that he controls their strings from DC in the time that he had been alive. The various factions in America, especially Democrat factions, will not speak truth to DC power. Especially when their funding and immunity from criminal prosecution relies on political influence.

Another thing that isn’t quite pure.

Then conveniently, Andrew Breitbart turns up dead. Before we even have the Battle of 2012 gets him done in.

Overall, the various greedy, evil, power corrupt, and mad tyrants, actors, and nations of this world proceeds on the course of self-destruction, which will lead to everybody else’s destruction sooner or later.

Anyone ever wonder how much MPAA gives to Democrats in the form of political bribes and campaign checks? It’s almost as much as the Feds printing more money to cover the debt the Democrats are increasing to fund their corporate war efforts, not on corporations but on American businesses that cannot fight the regulation. And thus cannot pay the shake down.

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