The Difference between Self Defense and Fighting

To clearly illustrate the differences, so that people don’t mistake real fights for something else of a different nature, we have this.

Fistfighting has never been uncommon, particularly in the beach communities, Long said. Take young men, add alcohol and look out. Fights break out.

“I remember fights from when I was younger. A few punches were thrown,” Long said. “The fights didn’t have nearly the aggressiveness we’re seeing today.”

The thing is, this has always happened before. It’s something Target Focus Training even uses to train their clients. Self defense, plainly spoken, is to defend your life, not win fights. Whereas even in fights that people didn’t intend to kill you, can kill you and has killed others. But that’s not how it started. So self defense automatically must assume every potential fight and incidence will lead to a fatal consequence. Thus it helps people to avoid such issues, especially if they lack the firepower to backup their talk and mouth.

Sometimes not getting into fights is the exact solution to your problem of dying. At the same time, sometimes people will attack you, thinking they can teach you a lesson. That is when you must learn how to use violence, and not simply shun it as a totem pole of evil like many do with guns. It’s not a cursed or possessed voodoo Chuckie Doll people.

Sometimes aggressive and angry 20 year olds will get lucky. They will start a fight with someone that has been trained to kill humans with nothing but their bare hands, so to speak. Then that’ll be the end of that issue once and for all. If they are really lucky, they may even survive that encounter relatively intact. Life’s a box of chocolates. It’s also Russian roulette. You never know what you are going to get.

EDIT: There’s also the story of “more mature” males getting into the same trouble. Having internet evidence that you train in a “combat” style, probably won’t convince the jury that you used reasonable levels of self defense.

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