Basic Tutorial on Punching Dynamics

This has some good tips.

Please don’t think that the boxer’s fracture is one that occurs only in new students or inexperienced fighters. Just the opposite is true. The new and inexperienced person frequently cannot generate sufficient force to cause a boxer’s fracture, whereas with training the ability to deliver force increases and with it the occurrence of boxer’s fractures.

This one usually hits beginners hard, because they develop the wrong habits early on and as they get better, they suffer the consequences of those bad habits trained in early on that nobody corrected them on.

oxer’s hands are taped into the proper position so that the force is automatically aligned to go down the wrist and into the arm. The fixed wrist prevents creating the large hooking punch (try it some time) and helps limit the damage. But, since boxers have relied on an artificial means of keeping the wrist aligned, they have not learned how to do so themselves. So out of the ring they can easily damage their hands because they are not properly aligned.

Taping has become very popular, whether as a result of boxing or muay thai. It is still an external solution, one that does not originate from the user’s mind or even body.

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