Seeing is not Believing

Some people may wonder where’s the proof, the power source, of various things in martial arts. For external martial arts, it is often muscle conditioning. For internal arts, it is normally concentration and mental focus.

For this guy, it’s both.

This is a physical demonstration of the results of chi gong, meditation, and physical conditioning. And seeing is not believing in chi gong. In these arts, feeling is believing. If you don’t feel it, you can’t believe it. It’s too hard for the mind to imagine.

Young individuals with low weight can do this as well. About 25% of it. The other reason why feeling is superior to seeing is because in the modern age, video images can be edited and manufactured. Absent drugs, it is very hard to make people feel things that they don’t. Not impossible with hypnosis, but much harder to do than visual propaganda. These young man can do it on 4 fingers.

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