Modern Developments: Video reviews of games

Computer games have been mostly a male dominated craft. They have looked for more women, since that is usually more attractive on screen especially for a male dominated audience, but it has always been usually males who have played console and PC games. Recently, women have been provided more games suiting to their taste, such as the fashion designs of a Sim City 3, but that is only true recently. And speaking of recently, game reviews are mostly done by men as well, even in video reviews, except this one. Which is why I described it as a modern development. In the right direction, if you ask me. The other positive is that she’s more entertaining than the norm. Maybe because women received conversation training early on while men who programmed games and played them did not…..? Naww, couldn’t be.

On a side note, last year Starcraft II did a little something of a plot development with Raynor and his love interest. Romance is not a big selling point of video or PC games. (Gee, I wonder why) The usual “talent” pool for PC games just don’t have a lot of people who are really good at dating, relationships, or romance. It’s not like the Japanese visual novel market or galge (dating sims). That is also a “modern development”. They’re trying to put their hands on new things that have usually not been well explored. Women don’t play games much because games aren’t really about relationships, romance, and conversations. Whereas men don’t usually watch chic flicks precisely because it has no action, and too much about relationships.

If producers and coders keep branching out like this, they may see an inter cross exchange between different demographics. The Sims 3 has already proven that with the female demographic. So has casual games like Bejwelled. They are missing out on a lot of the market segment if they cater only to males.

EDIT: Here are some more entertaining thoughts on the same venue. Golden Age article

And a Mass Effect meme page. Of course, the Skyrim 3 meme even got to Yahoo Answers, days after their launch, which in my view is pretty amazing for memetic viral reproduction.

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