Gurren Lagann: Drill through the Heavens!

My explanation of spiral energy is simply a combination of linear movement, such as in xingyi, with circular movement, such as the tangents in Bagua.

Something that showed the extents of spiral power would be the anime series, Gurren Lagann.

As funny as that may seem, it is true.

These are some things that may help people conceptualize spiral energy: DNA helix; Tornados; Black holes; Planetary rotation and seasons; Thunderstorm and hurricane cells; Electromagnetic fields of magnets and electro magnets. These arescientific counter parts to spiral energy. For physical skills, it’s a combination of linear movements in xingyi and rotation movements in baghua. Tangents are part of circles and rotation. That’s the “mental concept” people need to grasp for this part of Taiji Chuan.

EDIT: For those looking for a more entertaining and interesting interview, go here. The articulation of the concepts here from Chen Zhonghua and two students which took a full time 3 month course from him in China, is very good. Especially for those of you reading this that wish to do Taiji Chuan or have practiced it.

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