Freedom: Comparison of Different Human Endeavours

A lot of people wondered in 2004 whether people, Arabs or Americans, really wanted freedom or not. They even questioned what that was. Was freedom democracy? Was freedom imposed from outside or grown locally?

In the end, the debate is pointless. People want freedom because they want the power to change their own destiny, according to their own preferences. If a person doesn’t like something, they want the power to change it, irregardless of what it costs them. They don’t want to be told “it’s impossible, the way it is is the way it is and nothing you do will change it”. They don’t want to hear that. So they want “freedom”, to choose. Even if they choose to say the price isn’t worth it, they want to make that choice for themselves.

This is why things like the Creation Kit for Skyrim (Elder Scrolls sand kit play single player RPG, number 4) and Minecraft are so popular. The popularity demands the attention of the naysayers. People want freedom because people don’t agree. That’s just how it is. The imposition of any one Will, whether it be Divine or Government in nature, will always be against the will of others. Thus the solution the centralized government usually has is to nail down or pull out anyone standing higher or lower than they were decreed. Global Warming religion’s answer to contrary evidence is to suppress it and use money to bribe their way to truth. Freedom, on the other hand, is about harmonizing the differences of individuals so that they can work together, yet at the same time also work according to their own will. Nobody can get everything that they wish or desire, but they can get what they “need”. And what they “need” is not really what they often say they want.

In this day and age, what people “need” is simply the power to change things, if they put in the work. In Minecraft, if they want a house, they have to build it themselves. They have to do the work of collecting the resources and BUILD it themselves. They can’t put a gun to somebody else and tell them to do it for them, or else. Like how the US government currently behaves. Skyrim’s creation kit isn’t a welfare check to the players, giving them what they “desire”. The players desire anything and everything, but Bethesda, the company, cannot give it to them and even if Bethesda did, few players would be satisfied with something someone else made that was given to them. They won’t like it. It won’t be what their heart’s desire sought. It will only satisfy them if they are given what they need: a creation kit so that they can put in the work to make what they want to make. Only then will people be satisfied.

You can satisfy people’s surface desires for an entire century. They will still be dissatisfied, because at heart, they got what they wanted, but not what they needed. I hope I pounded that point with enough repetitions.

Work for what you want, otherwise you won’t get what you really wanted. Don’t accept hand outs, because you’re still not a master of your own destiny. Read and play Minecraft or Skyrim and comprehend for yourself how a lot of the things you wanted to change, were already modded in or added in by other people. You got that service for free, but you have to pay the government taxes for stuff the government can’t even do right. Does that sound fair to you.

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