Versatile Blogger Award

Sometimes the internet passes along free form information as if it was a living entity. And often the format is similar to this vein.

I am nominated for this award by Moon Lightened Way

I would like to thank her for making this choice, not so much because it benefits me but because someone has become able to find some use out of what I write. That’s always nice.

As for the other requirements, I’m just going to pair it down to 2 other bloggers.

Neo-Neocon: Primarily because she was a significance source of psychological background information concerning individual choice and change back when I was looking around for information and wisdom on this topic. I’ve continued to read her for years later, and she grew from a small time blogger to the big leagues, so to speak. I no longer comment on her blog as religiously as before for two primary reasons. I find that I have already said most of what I needed to say, back when I needed to explain my thoughts out loud in order to analyze them and their conclusions. The other reason is that not even I have enough time to read the numerous comments there and make comments and replies based upon them. Not if I am to do the other things I want to do on the net.

The second nomination is Bookworm Room: She, another she, had sort of the same background as Neo-Neocon. Both had interesting stories I wanted to hear about. It didn’t matter whether the blog subjects were political or simply news worthy, because I was first and foremost interested in the stories of individuals, not so much world events. Because the comments there are interesting, but not so much I have to read forever and ever before I can comment, it’s a comfortable place to be as well.

In real life, we have etiquette and introductions to meet people. On the net, we have… this.

I like martial arts training, specifically internal arts and internal philosophy.

I study and practice Qi Gong.

I was a big fan of military fiction and military drama and military history. Still would be, if I didn’t run out of material to read. Almost.

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