Indian Martial Arts: The sub-continent of ancient ways

Do they even have martial arts? Why, yes. India and China are two centers of the Eastern philosophy and martial way. They developed entirely independently, until the Silk Road came into being. The Himalayas, for most of their history, blocked any trade or communication, until the Silk Road. In that sense, you could say that normal Eastern methods are inwards looking whereas Western methods are outwards looking and will also inter-connect the world whether they want it or not (globalization). That sounds like it deserves its own post, but I probably won’t bother with that. I’ll leave it to the World is Flat economic people who praise China’s authoritarianism, to carry that torch.

Kalari, a native Indian martial art that is similar to Chinese gong fu in combining battlefield methods and strategies, healing techniques and abilities, and physical-mental balance acts.

I wrote this post mainly because I knew someone reading this blog lived in India. So I might as well post about it in relation to martial arts. I saw this video some time ago. I don’t tend to forget little important details like this. The moment I decided to write something about India, this popped up in mind.

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