Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch Demo

It’s a popular subject. I’m currently doing some light research on this matter. I came across this individual, who some claim that Lee acquired the idea for his short range power technique from.

A 5th grandmaster of Southern Preying Mantis.

To be Continued.

For a tutorial on certain things you need to understand before experimenting with this, watch this video.

For those seeking to train this method, understand that you can either use the external method, what Bruce Lee himself used, or the internal method, as shown in the Jin Wing Chun Video.

The external method utilizes a similar kinetic linking used in boxing punches, and will generally move like a wave through a person’s body. The internal method uses the other person’s body weight as part of the power source, lifting him up from his feet and using a strong rooted stance to transfer the force into the target. An external punch usually has higher speed and bruises the surface, causing damage from outside to inside. An internal type strike causes the tissues in the target to go to the maximum flex or absorption, then the final shock power is emitted which causes damage beyond the external tissues and muscles. As far as I can tell, at least. Internal strikes can be compared to stomping on someone while they are laying on the floor. The force has nowhere to go, but into the person. It certainly can’t go up against the resistance of gravity.

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