What Self Defense Really Is

Dimensional physics meets brutal deathmatch fighting.

My original training was already at the 4-5 level. Not because it was hard or all that advanced to learn, but simply because it was lethal force situations only and thus one had to learn how to differentiate between justified lethal force and unjustified lethal force situations. This is the same issue firearms training addresses for their students. It’d be mighty regrettable if someone spooked you from behind and you turned around and shot a cute little girl trying to play with you. On the other hand, it’d be mighty regrettable if you tried to take it easy on a serial killer and rapist, and ended up getting killed and having your entire family grilled on the BBQ after being tortured and raped. Both are extremes, and justified lethal force attempts to weave the virtuous and correct path in between.

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2 Comments on “What Self Defense Really Is”

  1. Peter Brusso Says:

    I’m really liking your posts! Keep up this reality or in your face type of writing because someone has to do it. Seems people just don’t want to own up to their own safety. As you know, the Defenders (self defense weapons) tag line is “when the bad guy comes a calling… give them the bad day”. You really understand this and preach it.. keep up the good works..

    Master Peter Brusso

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