Bas Rutten and other tough big guys you may be afraid of

A few people on the internet (okay, a great many) probably think a smaller person can’t take on a tough, trained, guy like Bas Rutten or MMA superstars, etc.

But look at this.

A person, without strength conditioning, can generate this power just with their body weight, and inflict the same damage, if not more, to the liver. And look how long a trained, tough, strong boxer is on the ground, completely helpless. This was past the 6th round in boxing. All the punches to the head before did nothing compared to this. Injury is what matters. And this wasn’t even an injury. This was the guy feeling a spinal reflex because his liver got “impacted”. It wasn’t even ruptured. My original training system told me I had to shoot through the ribs, shatter them, force them into the lungs, and also impact and shatter the liver. And if the first shot doesn’t do it, then when the enemy is on the ground, and you put another 100-300 pounds of force into that area, it will definitely shatter then.

So what’s this big, tough, guy deal people seem to believe in? This myth of Goliath vs David thing.

So if anyone wonders where my confidence comes from when I don’t consider MMA fighters invulnerable or big guys on the streets invulnerable, this is why. I don’t rely on 10 “light strikes” to be able to “convince” a person to “go away”. One strike is all I optimally need, but there’s always more after wards. Bas Rutten is also a specialist in the liver shot, btw. Doesn’t mean he is less vulnerable to it. Or any of the other 52 targets on the human body that does similar paralysis effects.

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