Eien no Aselia: Aselia the Eternal

This visual novel is one of my top 5 in terms of quality and enjoyment. It’s definitely worth more in terms of value than the 40-50 dollar range of triple A games in the US.

The sheer force it pulls you into its universe is stupendous. You really feel like you are playing the main character and thinking his thoughts, feeling what he feels. The combat system is a bit slow, but very enjoyable, even after you beat the game once. Then you go back and unlock different plot endings and increase the level of your characters. I do wish there was a skip function for battles, because I want to see the endings of everyone, but perfection is not yet here.

The plot is so long that more than once I thought to myself “this game already ended right, because I feel more than satisfied”. But it didn’t end yet. There was more to it.

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