Muv Luv Alternative: Third Re-Read

Playing this visual novel for the third time, reading it for the third time, is especially gut wrenching since I know how it all ends. This allows me to form more logical and emotional connections between events and what characters say. Many things are perfectly explainable, once you think about them or have advance knowledge. Often times, those things were hidden on the first or even second play through. This is a very complicated story to tell, with many characters and personalities. But it is a noble story. Instead of people’s personalities conflicting with each other, and throwing the entire game plan into the loop as we see often on Hollywood movies, Alternative is a story about human nobility, sacrifice, and love. That includes many of the characters, even most of them. Even the villains are, prototypically in Japanese style, more complicated in their motivations than might seem. Although the primary enemy is left relatively mysterious until the end. How a team of humans work out their personal issues and collect themselves into a cohesive unit in order to defeat that enemy, is how the plot can generally be read. This will require motivation, hardship, and surmounting challenges.

Alternative is the third plot line in Muv Luv, the conclusion of the story begun in Extra and Unlimited. It is made by Age (Wisdom in Japanese) and there is currently no English port or translation, other than unofficial ones (fan based) by Amaterasu.

A lot of people, depending on their mental and emotional maturity, can get torn up by this story because it has so much impact, verisimilitude, and emotional connections. I remember reading March to the Stars by John Ringo and David Weber. The ending to that one left me unsatisfied, depressed, and unsure of my emotions. If it wasn’t for that, ML Alternative might have been an even greater shock than it was.

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