Minecraft: What Is It?

This is the kind of stuff people do in it.

Then there’s this interesting story on the independent development of Minecraft, started by one person Notch, and the story itself is going to be funded independently via net pledges to form a documentary. Independent developed, covered by more independent development.

Build it and they will come has a new meaning now. They’ll come and get grinded up, giving you loot so you can make more stuff in Minecraft.

Then there is this

Which is basically user generated art.

I’ve heard about Minecraft for the past year or so, but wondered why people found it interesting given the low res graphics. The title, mining, didn’t particularly appeal to me either, even though graphics are no big limiter for me. I wasn’t too sure that mining was going to be all that fun down under. Having played it, however, I can say that the absolute freedom you are given is its own majesty.

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