Toward Terra Review

Toward the Terra

The Beginning was very interesting and held my interest for the first 5 episodes. Unfortunately, this series already suffers from certain plot inconsistencies and unfavorable dramatic tension. This series has been compared to Heroic Age, but in my view it is an insufficient comparison. There is nothing solid to grasp unto with my experiences in history or military strategy. I found the emphasis on psionics as being the bread and butter of one’s military strength to be interesting, especially when paired up with a more orthodox technological foe. But the primary difference is not one of artistic worth and skill, but maturity. Toward Terra is full of boyish and immature displays of emotion or foolishness. It is a great depiction of power without wisdom or control on the part of immature teenagers. This might be excusable in the beginning if they were going to mature the characters, but this series had two prologues. One is where the main character is portrayed and the other is where another character is portrayed. So they basically switched main characters within 5 episodes. Then another 5 episodes and they are back again. That only leaves them 14 more episodes to work with. That’s a very tight margin to tell any complex story line.

I rated Heroic Age 5/5 because the characters started as adults and were sufficiently mature enough to handle the responsibility of the epic problems in the plot. TT has mature and wise characters; they, however, are not the primary focus. If they spent 5 episodes portraying the amateurish and irresponsible antics of a teenager, they should have just shown him as his mature self with flashbacks. There is no story or artistic worth in devoting that much resources to the prologue. Except one little interesting thing: there was a lot of battles in the first prologue. It was obviously intended to excite the hearts of teenagers and shounen, to promise them an action filled ride and give them a first taste of it.

We’ll see how that promise ends up soon enough.
To Be Continued

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