European obsession with fist violence: while scared of gun violence

Violent fists at work

It’s like they think there’s a difference. They give rewards to these fist thugs and so they think they should ban guns as well.

Hasn’t worked out that well.

An armed society is a polite society, because when you don’t know who around you can kill you but you reasonably expect at least half of them can and would, you tend not to provoke people like you see here. It’s just too dangerous. And those that do it, don’t tend to live long.

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2 Comments on “European obsession with fist violence: while scared of gun violence”

  1. Peter Brusso Says:

    Boy do I agree with that statement! We all really need to get people thinking about their self defense strategies!

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    The Japanese have this saying that if you owe your freedom and liberty and security to somebody else’s efforts, then this is a debt you neither can pay off nor is it something you should want to have hanging over your shoulders. Yet the world is such that there are many who love being protected and don’t even give a thought to where that protection comes from.

    It’s not from them, certainly. And the government or the police won’t protect them either, when the time comes. But they expect them to. Thus there’s a friction between available supply and demand.

    In the Western sense, it is voluntarily going into slavery because people want a sugar daddy in the form of the government.

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