How to Learn Martial Arts Online

Since I see this question asked a lot on Yahoo Answers, I thought I’d post my answer here as well.

It’s not quite free, but go to Target Focus Training‘s site. It is a good starting place.

There are 3 things you cannot learn on the net and 3 things you can learn on the net.

1. Fine motor controls such as exact hand placements, grabs, positioning, and muscle coordination of many muscles together involving small muscles and big muscles.

2. The actual experience of working with another human body, being hit, hitting, resistance, etc.

3. You cannot learn timing, which is involved with predicting or reacting to human movements. Similar to 2 actually.

A. Now what you can learn on the internet are visualization methodologies and cues that can help you refine a movement down, if that movement uses only gross motor controls.

B. You can also learn principles of power and movement, behind every martial arts technique. You don’t have to be able to do fine motor control such as a wrist throw, to understand what is going on there.

C. You can learn much based upon pure knowledge, such as anatomy, social violence, verbal de-escalation skills, and so forth, just by reading it on the internet. Or watching videos of such incidents as fighting, street fighting, bar fighting, CCTV capture of crime, etc. This “pure knowledge” area of abstract or concrete theoretical data will provide you with a good background so that you can put your skills into the right context.

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2 Comments on “How to Learn Martial Arts Online”

  1. suek Says:

    You might enjoy this movie review…who knows…you might enjoy the movie! Not anime…

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Interesting, I’ll take a look.

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