General training ideas that come to mind

Directed towards Dan of DD.

While starting the internal slow methodology training re-engineered by TFT’s instructors, I often found that it didn’t translate my real world experience that was obtained moving at full speed. All my body mechanics which I could do, including translating body weight in a lunge strike, I suddenly had issues with when the speed was at 1/10th. And the slower it got, the more problems with balance I found in my form.

When such times come, doubt must be faced head on and challenged, for true belief to result and form confidence.

“In other words, in his view your technical training will come to nought in real fighting; you will default to your genetic predisposition. I respectfully disagree with this view.”

TFT only covered the fact that basic/gross motor functions will be what you have available to you in a kill or be killed, highly adrenalized situation. And that’s what they and I train for. However, that’s mostly because they have to train neophytes and guarantee they have the material. More advanced practitioners can gain greater and greater muscle dexterity control by training while adrenalized. There are many ways to do this, mental as well as physical. There are self-hypnotic methods to increase one’s adrenaline as well, such as fighting in very high places if you are afraid of heights or just putting two people on a raised platform and have them fight, with water beneath. The “idea” of falling and drowning, is just “enough” to trigger the lizard’s survival mechianism, but not DUMPING too much into a person’s system. An adrenaline dump usually happens when a person is unaware of a threat and then the threat manifests so quickly that the person immediately goes into fight/flight/freeze instinctual behavior. If he doesn’t choose something to do, his body automatically becomes even more stressed and he’ll become even more out of control with his muscles. That’s because adrenaline is designed to increase gross motor functions like RUNNING away from predators, not “hand skills” since few humans can kill sabretooth tigers. Now or before. So natural found it pointless to increase our ability to “have hand speed coordination” when it had jack to do with our genetic survival.

By training and gaining muscle memory in this “alpha state”, a H2H user now becomes accustomed and trained to use highly advanced coordination abilities while also adrenalized. The fact that the training for such exists, also decreases adrenaline by convincing the lizard brain that the “monkey brain” has it in control and so doesn’t “need” adrenaline to survive. More control in adrenaline state and less total adrenaline dump. Sounds good to me. If Yoga can control a person’s breathing and heart rate… then it’s not that hard to control a person’s adrenaline drip system and instinctual alpha state with the right training methodology.

Not sure if I posted this link or not but check out “adrenaline” search tag at writen by Marc MacYoung and his wife. I’ve learned a lot of “stuff” I never would have concerning social violence and anti-social violence from there. I learned how to deal with asocial predators using TFT’s tactical solutions and I learned the strategy of avoidance and “stacking my deck” at MacYoung’s site.

From your site, I am absorbing many compare and contrast details of TMA, MMA, and CMA.

The brain goes first, and then the body follows. Thus randori, as I see it (meaning Jigoro Kano’s randori system), is a way to train people’s brains so that they can correctly recognize threats and respond appropriately. Adrenaline increases a person’s ability to think quickly by analyzing sensory perception, so while we don’t have super quick hand speed coordination, we do have a machine “mental state” (alpha state) at work when under adrenaline. However, if a person is confused, fast thinking in adrenaline magnifies that confusion by looping the OODA loop faster and faster, until a person simply freezes due to total inability to make a decision and act on it.

I like various drills doormen do as well, such as kinesthetic touch sensitivity in order to feel what a person is doing by touch, and not by eye sight. They also have a drill where a person faces the wall and sets of 2 people are behind him in a line. So he turns to the gauntlet and has to walk through it, pretending everything is social and normal. However, he doesn’t know which of the people on either side of him will attack, or what weapon they may have to attack him with. It’s random and he couldn’t see what was going on behind him before. So he has to learn how to handle his mental agitation, and react appropriate by using peripheral vision when a person attacks. And that person can attack at any time. When he is in front. When he passes him. When the defender has already passed him and the guy is slightly behind him. After he passes the first line, then he has to encounter the second line.

This is, I think, a very good sort of randori. Kano’s randori, I seem to recall, had a person forced to fight off everyone in a room that is surrounding him. There might be a max limit on how many can attack at once, but they can attack at any time and at any direction. This forces people to become aware of what is really going on and not just one inch in front of them with their tunnel vision.

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