Community and Village defenses in this Age of Terror

I first watched Joanna’s Tai Chi videos at youtube when I went around looking for why Chinese Martial Art movements looked very much like the TFT movements I’ve learned to use. Her article here is worth a look. It is unfortunate that her community will no longer have such an exceptional knight errant with them any longer.


She provided me a very clear, concise, and understandable format to grasp Tai Chi principles and better aided my H2H TFT training indirectly.

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2 Comments on “Community and Village defenses in this Age of Terror”

  1. Johanna’s article makes a lot of sense and I noticed from her videos that she moves very, very well. A true master. It’s sad that she has passed away.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    “I’ve found that moving away from traditional linked form sequences towards purely hands-on technique training with improvisations and variations has helped the students come on in leaps and bounds. I think they are not only learning how to fight with these styles much faster but also much better. I suppose that’s specificity for you – we train combat literal movements in range and on target, because in a crisis you’ll fight however you have trained to fight.”

    I’ve made the same claim before, that direct external, free form, hands on, randori will inculcate a faster understanding of internal principles and applications. She herself has made a note of that, completely independently of what I thought or what Target Focus Training teaches.

    When two independent analysts, with no connection to the other, each look at the same data and produce the same analysis, that is justification for true belief. Training video of her students here. It seems Taiwan is the place to go for Xingyi, Bagua, and Tai Chi. I guess when Chiang Kai Shek evacuated to Taiwan, he took a lot more than just government documents: he took a bunch of cultural knowledge that the Modern Revolution would have destroyed.

    As an instructor yourself, Dan, this can prove an important training tool. Just to see, for yourself, how fast you can teach a student the internal art principles and applications of momentum transfer, using this tool.

    TFT doesn’t have any pads or guards. The instructors made the decision that anything which distracted from visualization and targeting and feel, was too bad a trade off for whatever extra “power” one could exert in training due to the padding. It’s not called targeting for nothing, after all.

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