Soul Link: Explanation of the Skura

Due to various different plot and character changes in the anime version of Soul Link, various complex explanations from the VN Soul Link was lost or distorted.

Here’s the basics for those that didn’t quite understand what was going on in the anime. Some spoilers but not the primary surpises of the plot.

Skura cells were discovered by accident by a research in the government’s employ. He was researching it for medical regeneration purposes, given the loss of his sister, but could not duplicate the creation of Skura cells. He only had the cells he originally created. Since those cells could divide infinitely without loss of DNA code, they were essentially immortal. So long as they were provided with food, the Skura cells would replicate using a cellular energy transformation system. The main enemy found it by sneaking in and stealing some of the cells.

Skura thus can be used to treat human injuries and regenerate lost tissue very quickly, including tissue, such as nerves and bone structure, which usually cannot be replaced by the body. A human made entirely out of Skura cells mimicking the natural DNA of humans would be far stronger, smarter, and faster. This is the Perfect Skura. Instantaneous regeneration with almost no energy loss, making them essentially immune to small arms and explosions or explosive decompression. A nuclear bomb would be enough to take them out, but not anything smaller. Human experimentation was ruled too risky by the government and the researchers involved. The main antagonist doesn’t have this issue and thus have made far faster advacements on Skura research.

A skura loses its ability to mimic the human form when the human brain dies due to catastrophic organ failure or due to massive damage to the neural cells. These imperfect skura relies upon the human brain to form the image they are working to duplicate. Without that image, they revert to a pool of goo that behaves according to animalistic instincts. A perfect skura doesn’t require a functioning human brain to give it an image to hold, for a perfect skura’s entire body is the distributed network of thinking cells. One cell in the head communicates the exact same data to the cell in the finger, and since all skura cells can regenerate themselves through infinite copying, they can simply recreate the body entirely so long as one of them are alive. Although it would probably take a long time given the amount of energy they must obtain.

This medical accident would potentially make 3 things.

1. Supersoldiers of the real kind, not the bloodthirsty psychopathic killer kind.

2. Superhumans that live forever and cannot be affected by disease or aging.

3. A master control system where one Skura’s consciousness controls all lesser humans with less evolved skura cells.

As such the world and technology of Soul Link is irreparably connected to the events on the Aries. A big abstract issue to go with the small personal stakes of the crew and passengers.

Skura functions much like cancer cells, with the ability to divide endlessly without limit. However, unlike cancer cells skura cells are perfectly functional and are not sick or useless like cancer cells are. All skura cells have in their DNA the ability to divide endlessly without becoming cancer cells. Only humans have the DNA for cancer cells, though we have natural limiters on how many times our cells can divide precisely because our cells will lose their DNA “image” after X number of divides and because we don’t want to grow cancer cells.

This little issue with Skura cells is relevant to a certain plot element in the original, and best, story.

She made a very courageous and valours decision that any warrior would be proud of. Indeed, the meaning of life is not in its length, but in what one accomplishes in the time they have. Even if that time would be considered amazingly short by longer lived life forms (elves, evolved humans, advanced magi-tech races). Another one of those serious philosophical issues discovered in visual novels and anime.

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