Utawarerumono: The End of It All

Read through the ending and poignant scenes for Utawarerumono PC version. This is to make a distinction between the anime version and the visual novel strategic game. It’s been a year since and I wondered whether my views would change after comapring the anime plot to the PC directed plot presentation. My view did not change whatsoever. The anime plot is still a horror of tragic proportions. If people liked the anime but found some things confusing, that’s why.

I selected Utawarerumono’s ending as the best of all the ones I had seen for the deciding reason that the number of different elements in Utawarerumono were brought together with skill and creativity by both the writer and director in order to form a complete artistic work. Other endings, like Fate Stay Night, produced stronger emotions, both positive and negative. Other endings like Chaos;Head had grace, harmony, and satisfaction after a long run of a pathetic protagonist. Eien no Aselia was better at world building, world description, and bringing the horrors of war and killing to the player’s perception. The lack of a skip functions for the long battles and the fact that the plot branches early on, means that I have yet to read the endings for half the heroines, even though each one has a very different flavor. The one surprise in the VN was so shocking that I couldn’t believe it even though I checked it out. I never saw that one coming. Too bad I discovered it while not being on her route, due to reading too much of a strategy guide. Without the battles getting in the way, the story writing for Eien no Aselia is top notch. I’ve already played full through the strategy card game twice, yet there are at least 5 more endings I need to see. Very inconvenient and this design flaw results in Eien no Aselia taking a far lower position on “Best Endings” than it might otherwise have deserved from the writing alone.

Even though all of the above endings had different strengths to them, Utawarerumono’s excellence was simply beautiful, consistent, and powerful.

A general list of excellent visual novel endings:

Utawarerumono, Muv Luv: Alternative, Clannad, Fate Stay Night, Chaos;Head, Soul Link, Eien no Aselia, Country of the Wheel: Sunflower Girls, G-Senjou no Maou, Planetarian.

Some visual novels have a powerful impact, but a disappointing ending. For example, Cross Channel is extremely funny and well done, for a cliche sort of plot that nothing much happens except by special design, yet the journey was worth far more than the goal at the end. What makes Utawarerumono a marathon runner is simply the flawless execution of the plot, character traits, combat system, and world/universe factors. It all ties together at the end, with no questions left unanswered. The characters are developed and grow up during the story, along with their connection to the protagonist, so that at the very end, the ties that bind will wing out the last drop of emotion. It is a very adult kind of story, where people have responsibilities and the consequences of one’s actions cannot be denied, covered up, or displaced somewhere else.

While I’ve explained the backstory details of Chaos;Head to some people that didn’t get the anime conclusion, I must refuse to do the same for Utawarerumono. My respect for the artistic talent of the director and writer for creating such a perfectly balanced story presentation forbids me from mucking up the works by trying to explain things that were done perfectly in th PC game.

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