Japanese life, culture, and perspective

In light of absent commentary on the quake/tsunami in Japan, I thought I’d put something else, a different spin, on things.

One of the things I’m noticing more and more is how alien Japan’s culture is. Take this as an example. Their schools have two festival types, Founding Festival which celebrates the founder from which the school was named after and a sort of spring festival.

During these festivals, each class is tasked with deciding and creating a business. A class that decides to do a short movie will then assemble, film, and employ class members to create the film. Another class can decide on a cafe or baking sales mission goal, and create that atmosphere. Complete with white linen table cloth, uniforms for the waiters and waitresses, homecooked bread and pastries, and so on and so forth.

All of them require “cash” to enter. This is hosted in the specific classroom itself With the preparation, cleaning, maintenance, and management done entirely by the self-elected members of the student body. With supervision by the school wide student’s council, which is supervised and given powers/authority by the teacher’s body.

In one of the versions of the “cafe” theme is the Japanese otaku “maid” style cafes, where all those serving food are female and they wear a maid costume, while serving customers with greetings like “Welcome home, master” in a cute girl voice. I’ve seen that particular one numerous times in manga depictions. One time when it was hosted for actual adults at a convention.

And oh, if you were wondering the age of those involved, this is not college or university. This is high school. This is Japanese high school, from year 10 to our year 12.

So if people are wondering how come Japan is so economically competitive and ambitious, just look at their culture. What are they teaching their kids? A lot of people think the difference in human manpower and training between countries is due to “education”. I say look to the culture. It’s not because blacks are poor, stupid, or “discriminated” against that they do poorly in school .it’s because Afrikan culture is inferior to white culture. And this can be seen in who starves more: Afrika or Europe. Given that Europe has to send food to Afrika….

If there is a difference, look to the culture.

The maid cafes seem to be very popular amongst the customers, which would be high school boys or guests from outside the school.

This is only possible in Japan. You couldn’t do it in Iran. You couldn’t do it in Saudi Arabia. You sure as hell can’t do it in Britain. And not even in America do you see this kind of student freedom, accountability, and Ambition.

The Japanese are alternatively extremely bound by social hierarchy and etiquette, yet also extremely fond of freedom and the power required to exercise freedom.

It would be a mass of contradictions if you did not see the underlying foundation tying it all together for them.

The Japanese, like America, can be restrained and bound and hobbled by stupid Leftist laws and bureaucratic clap trap, for humans are mortal and to err is to be human. Yet, regardless of these underlying factors pulling down the maximum potential of both countries, there is still CULTURE running through it all. As much as the world seeks to change and as much as people seek to un-change it or destroy us through too much change, culture remains constant. Regardless of what political winds may blow, Jacksonians are still Jacksonians. Wilsonians are still Wilsonians. And the Japanese are still the Japanese.

(Just wanted to put that out there given I haven’t commented on the Japanese tsunami/quake here yet)

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