Western culture vs other cultures

We have this from the European representation.

In 2003, Interview magazine publisher and Greenwich polo king Peter Brant commissioned a statue by nutty Italian-American artist Maurizio Cattelan. The art piece was to be of his wife, Stephanie Seymour, and she would be nude clutching her breasts, jutting out like a figurehead on a boat. Cattelan agreed, and went to work on the statue. It is called “Stephanie,” but it’s better known by its wry nickname: “Trophy Wife.”

Then we have this.

I was reminded of various comments older adults made about the smut in American music videos. Thought it’d be interesting to do a compare and contrast setup. While I didn’t use a music video, I’m pretty sure English speakers already know of them, by word of mouth if nothing else. The rumor mill is the only reliable form of faster than light communication medium.

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