Violence Peddlers of the Left (verbal)

In direct reply to this topic by Danny L.

I feel that, should they ever be given the power to act out what they verbalize, they would unleash great evil on humanity.-Danny

Putting on my “violence studies” ( like, you know, gender studies) hat to address this issue.

If they had the power, say give them a gun, they would still need the correct social justifications for them to use it.

Meaning, human beings require some kind of justification to do almost anything, but violent actions have an entirely different bar in terms of how strong a justification it requires.

For them to talk about doing it, all they need is a few things.

1. Social opprobrium (people around them not shunning them or treating them like cannibals or serial killers if they say it)

2. Some kind of internal or external reward for saying it.

For them to do it, they need a strong internal justification for why using violence is right. It can’t just be “they said it was right”. They have to believe it is right. In most cases, it has to be personal. From the saying “murder in cold blood”. The hot blood must run. The more extreme the violence, the more hot blood is required.

This is literally true. The blood is going to run warmer and you’ll be able to see it under their skin, if their skin is pale and the light is good.

Now, if your question is, would they not make good storm trooper materials since their peers would praise them and they would get paid to boot? Well, the thing is, here’s the little problem the Left has set up for itself.

The Left has generically, two faces. 1. The “Hope and CHange” face that makes itself look like mainstream America. Save the Children. Don’t let people die in the streets. You know, something akin to common decency and goodness. Except you know they have nothing to do with decency or goodness. You know that, but they don’t know that.

Then there’s the second face, that does know it, and still chooses to ally themselves with the Left. 2. The SS (social security) brigade, their political/spiritual leaders (Obama/Rev Wright), and their intellectual thinkers (Chomsky, he literally does the Left’s thinking for them). The Left started from an extremely top heavy structure in the old Communist funded wings and platforms. They’ve started branching out into more “grass roots” territory lately with the union expansions and what not. But socially, they are still very “top heavy”. The bottom cannon fodder don’t do things until they are told to do things. The “quickness” of Leftist propaganda to new events is heavily based upon the uniformity with which the orders are carried out by the underclass. The speed isn’t due to their having a de-centralized authority system in working order.

So, in order to “create a justification” for a Leftist to use violence, they are basically going to have to get rid of 1. Hope and Change entirely and go for 2. Evil without Limits. The issue is, most members of the Democrat party are in 1, not 2. And they have never even SEEN 2. They don’t believe TWO exists. For them to come up with a hot blooded reason to lunch Clarence Thompson and DO IT personally, they will have to accept that they are “bad” and start to take pride in it. This, to many Leftists, is like putting a six shooter to their head and playing Russian roulette.

This is where knowledge of actual violence comes in handy. In order to do violence, you need to think of only two things.

1. How to hurt the other person.

2. How to hurt the other person really fast.

That is it. Finito. You cannot be allowed to think of anything else or else you are not going to be able to conduct violence effectively given your available (or limited) resources.

The whole mental circle of “Clarence Thompson needs to die because….” is only required to make up enough justifications so that the person can, afterwards, say “he got what was coming to him”. During the violent act, that’s not really what’s going on in their heads. This is why a lot of goons, called muscles or whatever new age term there is that applies to them, aren’t known for “thinking”. They are known for busting in skulls with their hands, not thinking. Because most people who are good at physical violence, are very limited in what they think about in order to maximize the effectiveness of violence. It just became rather convenient for the low level thugs to be stupid at the same time. Better for their job and for the people ordering them around.

Why do you think there are no treatises written on violence, like there are thesis written on wars and politics and medicine? It’s because most of the people who are good at “doing violence” aren’t busy “thinking about it” and writing down their thoughts. Even in the military war college, you do not get such an influx of personal experience when it comes to H2H violence. Firearms and JDAMs violence, yes. Air to Air combat violence in OODA, yes. H2H or social violence, no. A lot of the LEO community’s “knowledge base” is passed on sort of like from master to apprentice (Traditional martial arts in Asia), rather than written down in a form and then passed on.

To get down to the point, these people in the video you see will only become violent under 2 conditions.

1. They come up with a personal justification why the use of violence is “right”, while not contradicting their whole “peace” or “hope” or “everybody else is evil but me” shtick. That takes intelligence, btw. Most dumbtards in the Democrat party can’t think that fast to delude themselves. You got to be smart, remember that, to delude yourself from any and all interaction with reality.

2. A cult orders them to do it under social rules and demands (as well as punishment if they don’t succeed or obey).

SEIU thugs fall into the Second category. While murderous, rampaging Leftists or crazies fall into the First Category. In order to fall into the first category, a Leftist has to have a personal motivation overriding their “social rules”. Given the over emphasis on “social rules” on the Left (they use SS for everything part of their philosophy. TO each according to their needs, from each according to their ability to be leeched), most members will find it particularly hard to come up with a reason for violence, especially murderous violence. This when it comes to them doing it personally, not approving the use of violence by others. Approving the use by violence is very easy. Sort of like approving a Hollywood director’s rapine campaign. So long as you didn’t do it and you don’t get slapped on the head for it, it’s okay from the Left’s point of view.

Number 2 is restricted by the US Constitution and, of course, America’s 2nd Amendment, backed up by 250 some odd million guns. Give or take a couple hundred million.

Great evil, from the LEft, happens. But not because of what you are worried about, Danny, that they would personally pick up arms and be able to defeat us. For one thing, they can’t defeat us man to man, on any fair contest or battlefield. For another thing, they got problems just picking up arms, let alone learning how to use them.

The Left reminds me of those snot nosed kids an associate of mine said kept going past the sparring rules set in the Jeet Kun Do training session he was participating in. On All 3 occasions my associate had to injure the 3 kids to get them to stop. First one, got hit in the solar plexus, never got back up, so they called in an ambulance. He didn’t come back to training for a couple of months after that. Second guy, knee injury, tore some I don’t remember what it was called ligament or something. Wasn’t seen in training for many months after that happened. He was medic vacced as well. The third guy, he received broken ribs from my associate. (probably the floating ribs or what they call the baby ribs. Lightest injury of all 3)

You see, all 3 of them were males in their early 20s or so, thought they were hot stuff cause they had like black belts in TKD or high belt colors in BJJ and thought they had “something to prove” in sparring. So they exceeded the limits that the spar set down, partially because their “skills” were lacking against my associate and they felt “embarrassed” to be performing so poorly in front of an audience against my associate (who had no belt rank at all). The peanut gallery comments about how the “black belt” sucked, of course, egged them on. So ignoring verbal warnings from my associate to stop (2/3), they were put down quickly as a result.

For those unfamiliar with sparring in TMA or MA, it’s not usually done at full power or speed. Full contact, full power, is usually only allowed when wearing armor and a full body suit. This was supposed to be a “light spar”, so they weren’t wearing vests or gloves. My associate’s background is of a Navy submariner. He went into security and was taught some CQC tricks from the SEALs. Nuclear submarines usually have very tight security vs a much more open situation on something like a carrier or destroyer. Nobody is allowed into the warhead or nuclear reactor, for example, that isn’t supposed to be there. Somebody could really blow up the sub that way if you just let anybody in that wanted to get in. Or could not employ lethal force if they tried to force their way in. Hence the CQC. No threat of blowing a hole through the submarine walls or causing a sonar echo, if you use H2H only to deal with security breaches. This “background” was unknown to the JKD trainers and trainees. Also, he had to do it “three times” cause he kept moving. His reputation didn’t follow him. So people kept trying him out whenever he moved somewhere new. Hence the THREE incidents, rather than one.

So, yes, the Left reminds me of the snot nosed punks who think they are hot stuff, but can’t bring it to the table when their cards are called. And that includes most of the people in Danny’s video.

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