Broken Blade: First Impressions

Broken Blade

Came across this animated cinematic experience when looking at the releases for Spring 2011. I noticed that it came along with the brand name, XEBEC, which has so far produced 3 titles that I gave a 100% score to (5/5 stars).

So far I’ve only seen 2 of the 5 movies.

They were well worth my time. In general, the themes for this movie serialization (aka mini series) are mecha, political turmoil, war, different fundamental basis for technology development for parallel evolution. Of particular note is the world here. The presentation and detail orientation is top notch. The draw is immediate and powerful. The world is presented in 3 forms of narration.

1. Personal narration by touching upon the emotional relationships binding the primary viewpoint characters.

2. Visual impact from the landscape and entities in motion.

3. Spoken narration from a third perspective concerning the world construct and the previous plot development in earlier episodes.

Compared to such movies as Avatar, I would say Broken Blade is 1000% better. In other words, 10 times better. The enjoyment from watching 50 minutes of Avatar translates to as equivalent to watching 5 minutes of Broken Blade.

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