On Conservative brains vs Liberal Progressive Smart Power

To explain Grim and BillT’s observation, the Left creates social and class constructs in order to foment disorder and chaos. Thus the rich become “evil” and thus a threat. But it’s not a real threat, meaning if you point a loaded gun at your head, it’s a real threat. It’s not a real threat if you take a paper airplane and point it at your head instead.

Rather than saying that liberals have less of an ability to recognize threats, thus they have lower true positives and lower false positives compared to conservatives that have a heightened perception of potential threats: the truer statement is that the Left disregard real physical dangers in place of imaginary, socially constructed ones, while conservatives focus a lot more on physical dangers and less on imaginary, socially constructed dangers.

This is consistent with both behavior from the Left and the Right. Christians don’t erupt in violence when you insult their religion. Leftists, erupt in violence all the time, especially when “marching for peace”. Islam is even more critical in this venue, as they erupt in violence, at anything. Islam reacts to everything strange as if it was a physical threat, employing massive violence and ruthlessness. Must have been a great help when conquering Persia and Arabia.

It’s why Republicans, who seem to recognize foreign dangers from North Korea or Iraq, act like they are buddy buddy with the likes of Robert Byrd, George Soros, Ted Kennedy, Obama, or the Clintons. They don’t treat their domestic insurgency as if they are real enemies, real threats, while they do treat foreign insurgencies as real threats.

I think both states of mind are unnatural. One should have a proper balance between taking care of social/anti-social threats and asocial threats. One should not disregard the social for the asocial or vice a versa.

The background discussion and scientific research available at the link on top.

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2 Comments on “On Conservative brains vs Liberal Progressive Smart Power”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    [Christians don’t erupt in violence when you insult their religion.]

    Ha! Christians are always whining about the “attacks” on Christianity. They’ve murdered a lot of people over the ages.

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    They’ve murdered a lot of people over the ages.

    Anybody you know personally?

    As in, real people.

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