TSA satire and female make up

I found the TSA harassment video funny and somewhat accurate. Somewhat in the sense that under 18 females or children, are not excluded from the pat down.

More importantly, I went to this person’s channel

After the credit to the TSA video had her as one of the actors.

At minute 14:00 I had the thought that that is the same as what I think when watching H2H or Martial Art instruction videos or demonstrations. Detail orientated.

For the first part, her expose of her genetic background got me thinking on how inbreeding amongst humans is something nature is against. Physical form or perfection or performance is increased by diversity in the genetic background, not homogeneity or purebreedness. This, however, often runs counter to human cultures. Especially European royal nobility, the Hapsburgs, which were infamously inbreed. Or the Egyptian Pharaohs who married their sister to keep the royal blood pure.

It also exposes a self-bias in that people of different ethnicities, when they see her, think they are from their own cultural/ethnic background. People are most familiar with their own people.

When she mentions the bonds between family, it reminds me of Clannad (a clan) and why blood is indeed thicker than water. Most of the time at least, even though there are exceptions to all rules.

When she mentioned that her brother was beautiful in appearance and that she was envious, reminded me if Ore no Imouto. Unintentionally funny.

The makeup issue, well that’s something females would be more familiar with. My color depth and coordination is not adequate for such.

One of the little games I like to play, which you can see here, is setup a parallel thought process. On one thread, I am thinking of how attractive and charismatic she is. On the other thread, I’m thinking about issues dealing with logic and memory concerning the substance of what she is saying. Then I interpolate and try to guess how thread 1 impacted thread 2 or vice a versa. It’s one of various little mind games that I find fun to do. In my experience, most people react by mingling the two together as if they were the same thing. If it is a charismatic politician, they mistake the charisma and magnetism for the truth of substance. Or they mistake truth and substance for a person’s charisma, because they believe that only a smart or good person could say or describe such things. To me, there is a clear delineation.

@16:00 she talks about how musicians have degraded in terms of artistic lyrics or construction. Which I agree with and many other people I know would agree with as well, even though they are neither artists nor musicians.

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