Long Beach Shooting: Douglas Zerby

For fifteen minutes the Long Beach Police watched Douglas Zerby sitting on an interior courtyard stoop playing with a toy gun. They never announced their presence. There was no danger to anyone. They never announced their presence. There were at least five police officers there. Then, after fifteen minutes, two or three of them opened fire with shotguns and pistols. There was no warning, and no command to drop the weapon. Apparently his first notification that the police were present was to be shot dead.

This, according to the LBPD, was to protect the citizens and make certain no one got hurt.


—-Jerry Pournelle

First you de fang the herd then you cull them.

Another issue with relying upon the state to “totally” solve problems.

The police unions give money to the Left. The Left helps elects Democrats. If an officer dies from a criminal, more gun laws are passed. If a citizen dies from a gun, more gun laws are passed. Gun laws then increase crime and societal instability. More police officers are killed or endangered. More lawsuits made against police. The more the police officers get afraid, the more control the unions have over them. LEOs give the unions more money. More money for Dems. More Democrats are elected. More police unions are solidified and financed. More money goes into Democrat coffers. Basically how it works.

“As the subject was in a seated position, he used a two-handed pistol-grip hold on an object with his arms fully extended,” McDonnell said. “Somebody that is impaired and waving what appears to witnesses and police to be a handgun. That’s what the officers were faced with.”

These are essentially cowards. They were afraid to approach the man. They were afraid to call out to him. They were afraid to take cover. So while sneaking around acting like ninjas and assassins, the police acted like they were the ones being attacked, when in fact they were the ones attacking. It’s the reaction of bullies and tyrants. Those who don’t got what it takes to fight and who are afraid to death of regulations and their bosses whipping their ass. They think they are going to be “safe” by “getting the other person” first. Then when the other person reacts suddenly, the tyrant gets scared and starts ordering mass executions because he pissed his pants.

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2 Comments on “Long Beach Shooting: Douglas Zerby”

  1. Richard Says:

    There needs to be more accountability for the police that seem to think that it’s ok to take a life! iT’S NOT OK! Doug Zerby was shot one month ago in Long Beach with 2 shot gun blasts, 6 rounds from a handgun, AND a rifle! He was sitting on a stair ledge, with his legs crossed, playing with a water nozzle in his hands, was executed WITHOUT ANY WARNING! He never knew they were there, until he was shot from one officer less than 12 feet away! I hope this officer goes to jail for murder, and I hope Doug Zerby gets his justice as well. We intend to file charges for wrongful death, and want FEDERAL intervention from the FBI to stop these killer cops, and make them accountable for their actions. It is not ok to take a life, without provocation. Sad sad state of affairs with the ones who are supposed to “serve and protect”, “not shoot first, Lie Later!”
    There needs to be an independent agencey that investigates the police, NOT THEMSELVES! They can easily manipulate the evidence, and hide their mistakes! It’s not OK, We need to make some changes, before someone else dies! It could be you next!

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    The police are backed by police unions, which take the enforced membership dues from the police and use it to buy political favor and power. Thus that’s why you see the police not wanting to correct the problem. Because they’re thinking, at the boss level, of protecting their status.

    The individual officers at the bottom, have no power. The dues are “involuntary”, not voluntary. And they are public sector.

    You will never get rid of police corruption without getting rid of the unions first.

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