Interesting Shootout in Florida

There are multiple things you could do if you were behind someone with a gun. Hit them in the back of the neck (upper cervical, unprotected by the bone covering the spine) with a maximum force strike. Strike them in the kidneys simultaneous with a stomp to the back of the knee to break the knee in front when it lands on the ground with the weight of two bodies, bringing them down backwards and cracking the cervical with a base 1/2 leverage applied with your body leverage.

Most importantly, you need to stop concentrating on the gun. The threat is the person, meaning their ability to think and move. When you have a gun and you are up against another person with a gun, do you shoot the gun? If you had a knife, would you try to stab the gun? No you shoot either center mass or headshot. You stab the gun wielder in the kidneys or some such. Shut down the person, and the gun becomes just a lump of metal and plastic.

The 3 principles you use here are penetration, rotation, and injury. Shutting down the threat is the injury part. Hitting a person or causing a bruise, is not an injury. “It hurts” is not an injury. Rotation is part of what you do to get the gun out of alignment so that the vector isn’t pointed at you or someone else around you that you want to keep alive. The penetration part is to ensure that he never gets the vector back on you.

For example, in a counter-point view, a simple thing to do when someone tries to grapple with you for your gun and you are the one wielding the gun, is to simply step back and sit down on your back. This uses your body weight to extend your arms and point the gun right at the grappler. He then catches a full clip in his chest, center mass. Reload and shoot the next guy on the way. Or alternatively, if they are too close and you lack time, use the gun butt as a sort of bronze knuckles.

Penetration is to ensure that you never allow the other person to get enough distance to point the gun at you and fire, whether intentionally or by accident.

Some training sources for people that want to know how to handle such situations in the absence of a ranged/melee implement.

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