Anime Philosophy: Origins

Naruto: Leadeship requires that you love those that follow you, yet be willing to risk their lives when necessary for the mission.

Bleach: To protect others requires far more power than to simply protect yourself.

Eien no Aselia: Responsibility comes from holding other people’s lives in your hand.

Clannad: The importance of family and the ties that bind: people cooperate for their mutual benefit.

Heroic Age: People are immature because they seek power. Those that have it, have other considerations than teen angst.

The Third Aoi Hitomi: Sometimes the needs of the people around you require you to override your own emotional considerations, if you are seeking to fix problems rather than make new ones.

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Pragmatism is often not necessarily the best course to follow in the long term. Democracy has issues and so does absolute monarchy; each system has its benefits and disadvantages. Human history often repeats itself because the nature of humans is static, not changeable.

Voices of a Distant Star: Short doesn’t necessary mean low impact or low quality.

Starship Operators: Media propaganda can often times be more dangerous a weapon than starship main cannons.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Sometimes things have to be replaced by destroying it all but that will pit the destroyer against those who wish to work within the system to minimize dramatic change and transformation stresses. Whether reform or revolution is the right way to go is meaningless, since it will all depend upon the strength of the revolutionary or reformist. The stronger one will prevail in the end, if only because they will ensure that all the deaths in the conflict would not be in vain.

Seirei no Moribito: Princes grow up strong if they learn integrity, strength, and virtues; they need to stop relying upon their family’s wealth and influence as a double crutch. Parents also teach their children in a way that the parents themselves were taught. Power of the hand in martial arts and war does not equal the power of one’s heart: as evidenced by those who are supreme in martial arts, yet their will and hearts are bound by merciless duty and obligations.

Sola: When people have conflicting needs, somebody needs to die unless there is a mutually beneficial solution around.

Baccano!: Sometimes a simple story gets more interesting when you jump around in it and do time warps. Egomaniacs find their match when there is somebody just as crazy, if not crazier, and can back it up with supreme power. Power enough that they don’t have to kill the weak to enjoy themselves.

Pandora Hearts: The responsibility of any high noble is to protect those that have given their fealty to him, else one is not a noble at all. Recklessly seeking to die is not equivalent to salvation or the preservation of a greater cause.

Fairy Tail: Sometimes having a bunch of people partying at a permanent bar can produce interesting effects on a magical world.

Scrapped Princess: When the world fears you and can’t do anything constructive, they’ll seek to destroy you instead of recognizing their own personal faults. Hate begets hate, so having been hated, humans are motivated to destroy the world. Such is the normal case for humans and it takes a special human to rise above that. Still, sometimes the ending to such sucks compared to a story’s beginning and middle. Plot introduction is similar to Naruto as well.

Fate Stay Night: Idealism vs practicality: is it better to save the whole world and lose the ones you love or is it better to save the ones you love at the expense of the world? Alternatively, the third question becomes, why is there never an option to save both? And the answer is very simple. Because individuals lack the power to save the world because everyone on this planet is a mortal and flawed human. Priorities and choices are a permanent issue in life. It was never mentioned as a solution to the conflict and dichotomy, but if you save the ones you love and the ones you love are then motivated to save people they love, you will have created a chain reaction that can very well save the entire world. One person alone cannot save the world, though he can push a bunch of launch codes and nuke the whole world (look up Trident missiles and Ohio subs on wikipedia). Heroes need people to be alive because they cannot save people they can’t see or are unaware of. They rely upon those they save to pass the gift along. That won’t happen if the people they save are simply strangers who come to resent and hate the hero for having power that they do not. In a nutshell, idealism is nice but you better have a solid plan to implement it and make it work. Otherwise, it’s not very nice at all.

EDIT1: A pretty funny, interesting, and comprehensive take on American entertainment.

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