Fall 2010 Anime updates

I just finished Otoshimono Forte to the current episode, 7. Things are really cooking there. Protagonist is still mostly ignorant. Got some nice variety in the theme for each episode. All kinds of new stuff, like Melancholy of Haruhi did in the first season. Senjou? Nice.

Ore no Imouto 1 was pretty funny. A little bit more to my speed, as Forte was sometimes too painful to watch in the chibi moments. There were times I’d like to have hit that guy. Which is sort of funny when you get to the Epic Fail part and for once, you aren’t rooting for the main male character in a harem to actually succeed. Crazy stuff.

The brother in Ore is surprisingly mature and with integrity. Makes for easier humor scenes.

Sengoku Basara is queued up next after Imouto.

Ore no Imouto 5 proposes some interesting relationships with Columbine and Virginia Tech. The premise is the same. Certain games produce such behavior, the premise says.

Someone would need to know the subject intimately from various vantage points to figure out what the truth is. For example, if violent games lead to such incidents, why were VTech and columbine both no gun zones in which nobody was allowed to have a gun on the premise. Wouldn’t that look inviting to someone with an intention to bring guns to school to kill people?

In the end, there’s a conflict between society and centralized authority vs individual free will and self-determination. There’s no societal project that can engineer people so that they don’t develop sociopathic tendencies. Sociopathy and psychopathy are natural percentages of human production. Somebody, somewhere, will develop such, completely free of external influences. Cause something inside is different from other humans. And you cannot re-engineer humanity such that these people cease to exist. Now or in the future.

This is often related to martial arts as well. Since there’s a perception that martial arts is the occult or that it will teach people to fight and thus their grades will drop. Bas Rutten once said that he begged his parents for 2 years to take TKD, then when he was 14, he got into a fight and they took him out of TKD until he was 21 and was able to get out and live on his own.

Shakei, society, is not the same as the individual. Whether it is the US or Japan, not much changes on that specific matter.

Whether it is violence or sex, such environmental input can very well modify the developmental period of normal children. However, all individuals are different. An overall society mandate to restrict such things, such as from social conservatism, will not completely eradicate the video game industry. In point of fact, I predict that big game industries will have plenty of lobbyists in government to buy their way out, while the smaller, more competitive, less corrupt game companies are taken out by the expense of following new regulations on violence in games. Then we have the fact that the public education system, backed by the government, is now enrolling children in sex ed at the K-6 grade level. Whether it is the gaming and entertainment lobbyists funneling money to protect their market for rap, sex, or violence, that’s not really going to help any single p erson at the local level.

Is it really a good idea for consumers to attempt to monopolize a single industry using government regulations that can be bypassed with a simple bribe or two. Consumers are only protected in a free market by competition. If a competitor produces a bad product or something the market doesn’t want, somebody better will come up and trump them and steal their business and funds away. Thus bad companies die their own death on their own without societal intervention. Unless they are bailed out by a government that gets to print infinite money, of course.

The eroge gaming industry is in an interesting position in Japan. And if you have heard of the Rapelay incident, that’s even more interesting since it was an American political front that put the pressure on Japan, thus causing Japan to change some of their own internal regulations. The world is truly connected now. And that’s both horribly bad and incredibly good at the same time.

Anyways, big points for Ore no Imouto for doing reality meets anime. Many anime set in the modern world do not accurately duplicate the complexity of politics and human interactions.

Sadly, most people aren’t familiar with human violence. They have not trained in it. They don’t study it. They have no personal experience in hurting people or being around others who specialize in hurting people. When faced against a human predator, all they can do is call upon the police and society to “protect” them. But society doesn’t really care whether a single individual is sacrificed for the Greater Good. That is why society is society. And that is why it is sad, not simply a good thing.

They are ignorant, lost little sheep. And when the mass media tells them something, when society tells them something, they accept it as truth. Solely because they were told so. Is that really self-determination and independent judgment though? To accept as truth something only because the experts told you it was so?

What happened to people having a mind of their own and making decisions for themselves. Isn’t “choice” the popular refrain in America ever since the radical 60s? How can you have a choice when you let others control what you believe. Free love? What is that. Is that loving those you are told to love by society and your peers or else you will be punished? Anti-war? How can someone be anti-war when they always talk about “fighting” people here in the United States, getting up in their faces, and about how evil corporations must be destroyed and wiped out. Is that how a “real pacifist” talks and thinks, eh.

*shakes head* Humans are often weak and pathetic. That’s why they look to government and society to take care of them. But even there, too much of a required thing, is not a good thing.

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