Heroic Age: Rewatch

This stuff is even better the second way through than the first. All kinds of things I was missing in the final episode that I picked out from watching it again in both English and Japanese language. The last 3 or 4 episodes had so much tension and each episode ended on a bang, not a cliff hanger you often depressingly see in Hollywood movies.

Some anime that I rewatch doesn’t interest me except for special moments. The dramatic/character tension isn’t as good or I already know the gimmick. Series like Heroic Age really deserves the 5/5 stars precisely because they keep their tension, suspense, and wonder. I would say HA deserves a higher rating than that from me because it feels just as good, if not better, the second time through.

In summary description: Heroic Age is a peculiar blend of monster, science fiction, space opera, and inter-stellar warfare.

I look at my anime rating scheme and most of the shows I finish watching, I give 3.5-4 stars. The almost perfect ones, either with a great opening and middle or a forever lasting ending, get 4.5 stars since everything about it wasn’t great all through. That would include Scrapped Princess, which pretty much had a horrible ending in terms of emotional impact even though they tied up the plot well enough. But the fact that the rest of the series was strong, still gave it 4.5. The seriesI didn’t finish watching are probably the 2.5 stars or the 1 stars. Although if something is 1 star, I’m not quite sure if I would even finish half of it.

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