First Impressions on the Day After 2010 Elections

If the entire Dem leadership cadre were taken out, then I would say it was a Day of Reckoning for Democrat malfeasance. Right now, given analysis of the strategic conditions, I can only say that this was an indecisive skirmish. Casualties have been inflicted, but the core strength of the enemy has yet been depleted or even tested.

The force increases, on both sides of the war, is still going up relative to pre 2008 conditions. More organization, more and better funding, cleaner and crisper C3 networks, all are being built. The infrastructure by which the Left uses to wage war inside the US against citizens has yet been dismantled. Reid is equivalent in power to 10 – 50 Republican senators given the number of skeletons he knows is in which person’s closet, plus his official authority.

Numerically, of course, we can claim victory. But logistically and strategically, the Dems held their own and did not suffer crippling damage. That is unfortunate, but the only thing to do next is to hit them again. Harder.

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2 Comments on “First Impressions on the Day After 2010 Elections”

  1. OldSoldier54 Says:

    As SarahCuda once said … “Reload!” I ain’t letting this go. I learned the hard way, many years ago, NEVER give up.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Naruto would say to the Left, “Give up on making us give up”.

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