Project Valour IT: Saving the Saviors

It is well that war is so terrible — lest we should grow too fond of it.
Robert E. Lee

Humans have free will. It is what sets us apart from what others may consider different species on this planet. Yet that does not tell the whole tale. For it also means people can give up in the face of adversity. They can find excuses not to do their best. They can blame others. They can refuse to blame themselves, thus find people weaker even than themselves to target and lambaste.

But because we are not bound to a predetermined fate unshaken by mortal hands, human beings have the ability to choose. Some choose the aforementioned route in the face of challenges in life and adversity in death. Others made a difference choice. They, instead of facing away from life’s turmoil, confronted it, tackled it, and worked to make solutions. Captain Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss was one who was saved, after saving others, and then proceeded to motivate others that have saved, to be saved. Not simply from wounds to the body in terms of incapacity and crippling injuries but to nurture the will to survive and improve. That will is not simply present because people are prosperous and healthy. It is present when one is motivated and supported by other human beings. For the strongest amongst us are never as strong as those who have the hopes and dreams of others resting upon their shoulders.

In the midst of wounds both physical and mental, amongst the physically crippled recovering in military hospitals, soldiers and civilians decided to improve the lives and existence of wounded soldiers.

Consider donating to the branch of the Army in this competitive and cooperative fund raising campaign to enable future soldiers to be given the chance to communicate using internet technology as they undergo the trials of recovery and rehabilitation. True strength rests within the spirit and not simply the body. Let the will to live life whatever the hardship that may come, passed to us from descendants uncounted, grow anew within the hearts of a few.

For more information and background on the origins and goals of VIT: look to the clouds. The HALO clouds, perhaps. Where’s that witty comeback with the right timing when you need it. Can’t do everything myself.

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