Sharin no Kuni The Wheeled Country

Just finished Sharin no Kuni (Wheel Country).

It’s like a hammer. I feel a daze. There’s so much to think about and feel. The same as I have always felt after a powerful story that stresses both mental and emotional resources to their limits.

It’s a great story. A rollercoaster ride with sharp ups and downs. A relatively mature protagonist and a fearsome enemy with strategic skills.

Other great recommendations for VN: Utawarerumono, Eien no Aselia, Fate Stay Night, and Tsukihime. I really got to put those reviews into a schedule. Although I’ve been catching up on anime reviews for awhile now.

Shakei or society. What is society?

Epitaph for the eighties? ‘there is
no such thing as society’

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One Comment on “Sharin no Kuni The Wheeled Country”

  1. miechelrichie Says:

    Thanks for the product information.

    I found the concept interesting.

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