Obama’s Dysfunction

Respect and the Monkey Brain
Cesar Millan has a show called the Dog Whisperer. In this show he travels the country helping people with problem dogs. His basic premise is that dogs are pack animals and they are psychologically more comfortable when they know their ‘place’ in pack. He often encounters overly aggressive and territorial dogs running rampant in the owner’s lives. He calls this kind of dog is ‘an insecure alpha.’ It’s a dog that should be a beta, but because of circumstances has found itself in the role of an alpha.

Or at least what it thinks an alpha is.

Such dogs are bullying, aggressive and overly controlling … to the point of dysfunction. By this we don’t just mean the dog itself is over-the-top, but so too is the rest of the pack.

The sense of insecurity, nervousness, paranoia and hypersensitivity that motivates the insecure alpha infects those around it. Through it’s unpredictable actions, the insecure alpha creates the same sense of dread and panic –that it feels — among the other dogs members. And this unfortunately, also happens with the humans in its life (a.ka. the ‘out of control dog’).

The problem with the insecure alpha is that it doesn’t have the sense of calm assuredness that real alphas have.

Since it doesn’t believe that it can ‘back it up’ the insecure alpha is hyper-sensitive (and yes to the point of paranoia) about challenges. This creates a complex cocktail of problems because the insecure alpha’s insecurity and hypersensitivity not only detects challenges that aren’t there, but its overly aggressive actions creates more conflict than is necessary. In short, it becomes both a bully and hyper-insecure

That’s it, yep.

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