Power of Culture

I was rather surprised to hear a song sung in English that used a Japanese word as the center keystone. So I went and looked up the authors of the song, TATU, who I found to be two individuals of Russian origin.

Two female Russian singers using a Japanese word as the keystone of their song, and then making a music video using Japanese animation styles in the bargain?

That’s the power of culture there. Not your own culture, but any culture that can be accessed on the internet or in other low barrier esque fashions. The problem with America culture is that most of the exportable kind is nihilistic and profit driven, rather than driven by an ideology of capitalism or liberty or family values or patriotism. It doesn’t matter what idea drives a cultural value, so long as it is a strong idea. One that people will go to extremes for. Japan is a nation of those who pursued their ideals with extreme devotion. And that shows, even in these matters.

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