Ichinose Kotomi: Violin rehearsal

This is the piece she was practicing for. It wasn’t until I realized that the clacker and the bell were coming from the instruments shown in the rehearsal that I realized… this song was it.

And I spent several periods of time near the ending of the visual novel wishing I could have heard her after she had improved. It felt like one of those plot twists at the FIN, like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Sixth Sense, or Matrix 1. In this case, Kotomi from Clannad, had a special surprise, on top of all the other surprises, in reserve. It was seeing the triangular device. Suddenly, I remembered that the song itself had this dinging sound that was not from a violin. That was the connection. Given Kotomi’s arc focusing so strongly on music, it was an interesting easter egg to find.

If I recall correctly, the “violin of death” on the school grounds was organized (and paid for) by Kyou as a sort of practice session before her real recital. Which was never presented in the VN.

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