Kill Bill

I was surprised at how much Japanese elements were in Kill Bill, when I watched it recently for the first time. Some thoughts on the related fights.

The Bride swings the sword two handed like a baseball bat, using her arms and shoulders. It tends to overcorrect for her balance and make it impossible to recover or change the direction of the blade.

The stabbing thing was iffy. There’s the matter of point control over the broadness of the top of the katana blade and then there’s the matter of it only being edged on one side. Thus creating a slow but certain imbalance when sliding through a body. Targeting, inserting, and extracting both take necessarily more time than a blade specifically designed for thrusting. Although such a blade thrust just enough to lodge into a body cavity, with one step can rip the blade out on the sharp edge and basically create a mortal wound by effect of cuttng the body from the inside out. Small hole going in, large hole coming out, principle.

Also, I didn’t see any twists of the blade. An insertion and withdrawal from a thrust is not certain to be mortal, unless you go out of your way to twist the blade while it is inside the body. Creating havoc amongst the issues and inducing internal bleeding. Helps speed mortality along so he doesn’t come back with a death blow while dying.

When against multiple opponents, make them as one. All this twirling about tends to use up energy needlessly and it can in no way shape or form provide real strength behind a cut, thus making the cut not a cut but a simple slash. Non life threatening. Using Miyamoto’s terminology, which is only translated to English in one fashion.

It makes a difference if the Japanese word is kizu or shin, to wound or sharpness.

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