American Slaves

The progressives will set you free alright. They’ll set you free to rape, murder, and commit violent crimes against the “haves”, all the while benefiting politically from the carnage.

The collective is all that matters. They will define the length and purpose of your birth and death.

2. Islam. The left today, though not in any way forced to, insists upon allying itself with the most reactionary elements in Islam. (Obviously, this is connected with what I just said about multiculturalism.) These are the elements that promote sexist and homophobic policies, as well as having dangerous theocratic fantasies that are diametrically opposed to the secularism of today’s leftists. People on both the right (such as Daniel Pipes) and the left (such as Paul Berman) have pointed out that there are liberal Muslims with whom the left could ally itself and who find themselves frustrated by the lack of support from Western leftists. But this hasn’t made any dent in leftist policies. I’ve already explored the reasons for this curious behavior here and here.

Let’s not forget the Obama train.

Simple narcissism does not explain my e-mailer Carl, who wants to destroy Jesus and his followers; or Sara Spitz of NPR, who gleefully fantasizes about watching Rush’s “eyes bug out” while he dies in agony; or King of the New Black Panthers, screaming expletives about killing cracker babies.

But it’s not just Carl and Sara. People all around are becoming sicker and sicker. More than this, they are becoming less and less human. They’re resembling something out of Night of the Living Dead.

It’s no wonder: The Left is in charge, and it is a death cult. This is why the progressives are obsessed with destruction and death: euthanasia, abortion, killing granny. And that’s why their rhetoric is hate-filled and profane.

Evil’s only power is through destruction. Evil has no ability to create. It survives by siphoning off the vitality of robust others.

With wickedness now in the highest of places, evil has gone viral. An epidemic, it threatens everyone it touches.

Evil is contagious because it seduces those who are hollow inside. Dominating another can be the most intense aphrodisiac. Hate is a way for a diminished person to feel powerful — or to feel anything at all.

But this is not true power. Power comes only from Forces beyond. Real power is accessible through goodness and love.

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