Remembering the Bush Years

A comparison of weddings.

Marriage traditions differ based upon caste and class. Some classes have a tradition that is specific to their circumstances. If you look at Chelsea’s wedding and the marriage of Clinton and Clinton, you can see an example of wealth binding. The Kennedy clan is another example. Byrd maybe. Certainly John and Teresa Kerry. Teresa, inheriting the Heinz Ketchup fortune. Using American capitalism against America. Nice if you can get that gig.

Amongst the absolute poor, downtrodden, and black slaves? Marriage is broken. Thus their wealth has been broken, stolen, and stamped down upon. They’re kept down, never allowed to build and combine wealth so that it gets more and more as the generations grow. The rich elite Democrats grow wealth and power like a tree. But they burn out any competitors in the serf class.

Middle America is hit and go. Some last, some don’t. That’s up to them. Given the separation of family traditions and geographic locale in job searching.

Marriage is for an alliance to create and sustain wealth, as well as to raise a family to carry on the name, traditions, and wealth of that name.

Political disagreements aren’t a part of that, in the system we have here in America. Just like cheating and other issues don’t cause politician Democrats to break up their marriage. They need that marriage to “sell” themselves off as a family man to the masses.

Robin of Berkley tells her story about holding together a marriage made of disparate parts, equally dark and light. Marriage is worth the price, because of the benefits it can provide to you and to your descendants. The Left doesn’t want everyone to have such benefits, however. Such is the jealousy and malice of the Left. It’s not enough that they got rich looting other people. But they demand that other people be kept permanently poor and enslaved. That’s going too far. There’ll be a reckoning some day for that.

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One Comment on “Remembering the Bush Years”

  1. Jakob Says:

    “Marriage is for an alliance to create and sustain wealth, as well as to raise a family to carry on the name, traditions, and wealth of that name.”

    I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but so long as you believe things like this, it will be a long, long time before anyone willingly marries you.

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