America’s Ruling Class

America’s ruling class speaks the language and has the tastes, habits, and tools of bureaucrats. It rules uneasily over the majority of Americans not oriented to government.

Many people believed, though less do now, that Obama, simply because he was elected President, would serve the best interests of the US. The voters at the bottom, blue-collar Democrats especially, believed that Obama would unify us and get rid of problems that has been plaguing this nation for a while, though nobody really even ever knew from what or when it had all started.

If they had realized that Obama’s election was the culmination of all that which had caused such problems in the first place, they might have been less enthusiastic. They, though, thought redistribution of wealth was the solution to the divide between management and labor and so it became. The solution by which management and big corporations, in alliance with government and unions, forever shattered the worker’s paradise. The fact that this wasn’t what they expected, was the least of worries.

The power structure of a ruling class, ruling over slaves not freedmen, is such that it demands tighter and tighter control, else everything comes apart. Thus the risk becomes higher and higher that you will have a complete collapse and massive slave revolt the longer the ruling class exists to exploit the labor of the proletariat. They are riding a tiger and they cannot get off for fear of being eaten.

Eventually if the system remains stable, New Man arrives, produced by the system for the perpetuation of the system. Because all they have ever known was bound up in the system of slavery, they will fight to preserve it, even against unwise odds. There’s no other alternative in their eyes. It is either complete ruin or victory through power. When America was younger, tycoons and other power brokers experienced some part of their life outside the centers of power, by clawing towards power. Their life experiences made them sympathetic or at least connected to the lives of many other less fortunate in America. However, the New Man, who was raised entirely within the care of the system and who was raised entirely to survive based upon his manipulation and maintenance of the system, will have little mercy or sympathy for those threatening the system’s integrity.

The system of power that collates and accumulates influence and wealth into the hands of a few, is fragile. Everyone that benefits from it, feels it. Thus they can’t get off the tiger and just say they were sorry. They have to keep tightening the grasp and whipping more of the serfs into line, if they wish to live better or as well off as they are now doing. In point of fact, you cannot offer them anything better, for their power and immunity to crimes (Polanski) ensures their loyalty and nothing you have available to you will buy them off. Because you can not offer them anything better and still remain true to the principles of honor and justice.

The problem is, the system sustains itself based upon exploiting many millions of Americans. Fomenting hatred, utilizing Planned Parenthood eugenic policies and philosophies to eliminate crime and inferior races, as well as identity politics pitting ideologies against each other when it serves the greater good of the system. Thus, logically, eventually people, the slaves at the bottom, are going to become dissatisfied and will demand a change. And they must be rebuffed, because eventually this will result in deaths and rebellion if the lower tier workers are allowed to combine and unify. So the obvious answer is to tighten the shackles further, disarm all the slaves, and ensure that no dissent becomes a danger to the system through divide and conquer. Divide up the families. Divide up the wealth. Divide up the joy and the education, the self worth of accomplishment and pride. Divide it all up and use it against them.

The question of whether Obama, or the ruling class, seeks the destruction of America through malice or simply through incompetence, is an incomplete question that does not even hint at the true nature of the situation. Obama and the ruling class would no more compromise and deliberately help Americans at the Gulf than Obama would willingly kill himself and detonate a nuke obliterating all the Democrats in DC. It is suicide. It is not a matter of intention or capability. It is suicide and humans tend not to go for suicide when there is a better alternative. For the ruling class to survive and prosper, everybody not of the ruling class must be put in their place. Not because they like doing this, although some of them do, and not because this enriches Soros and Obama, though it does, but simply because if they refused to do so, the ruling class would be destroyed. They cannot stop riding the tiger.

Obama doesn’t need to seek the destruction of America, for Obama’s preservation of himself and his part in the Ruling Class, does so automatically and inevitably. The system is structured such that power is drawn from the American people and kept in a few high dense locations such as DC. The Ruling Class, no longer needs to listen to the American people, for they now can create security, control, and power for themselves without risking losing control over the American people. Sure, to an extent, this angers the American people, but the Left has for decades used anger and social divisions to bring about their rise. They would far more likely place their faith in their own skills of social control than to loosen their iron grip on power and give rise to an alternative or competitor. In their eyes, it is better to suck all power from the unworthies, than it is to give them the cover of the illusion that they were still in a democracy, where representatives were held accountable to the people who elected them. It wasn’t Obama that created Health Care Reform, but PillowC. Obama’s a little too lazy to crack the whip against numerous Democrats and Republicans in Congress. That’s a job for PillowC. You cannot stop this tide by stopping one man, even the Magic Black Shaman with his honeyed words and poisonous bite.

To a certain extent, Leftists don’t like some of what Obama is doing, but they are all in the same boat. They, like the media, are not going to abandon their dinky little 5 foot cabins simply because the steamship is the only one that is going to their Utopia. If they get off, they drown, starve, or get eaten by sharks. They have no other choice but to stay the course. Much as some Sunni Tribes kept up the fight even as Saddam got his neck stretched. No better alternative.

“That is because while most of the voters who call themselves Democrats say that Democratic officials represent them well, only a fourth of the voters who identify themselves as Republicans tell pollsters that Republican officeholders represent them well.”

Part of this has to do with integrity and honesty. Democrats, because they are paid their salt and thus are loyal to their salt, don’t really like dissension and the breaking of the circle dance. So they will lie or make up excuses in their own minds for why Democrats are good and deserve more power. Republicans or conservatives, do not have this cult background as support. Dissension and diversification of views, due to argument and debate, is the backbone of conservatives. If only because the Democrats have kicked out anyone that disagreed with their views, like Lieberman or other neo-cons. The Republicans cannot be permanently unified, because they never came from the same place. The Democrats that voted for Reagan in the South, are no longer Democrats nor do they vote Democrat, mostly. Like America, the Republican party is a refugee party. Cohesion is a little hard to accomplish when you don’t have a homogenized starting place. Race tensions between Italians, Greeks, Irish, British, and Scottish may seem a fib today, but it was real at the time. The Left, however, and their party of Democrat accomplices have had decades to purify their ranks and straighten things out in clear hierarchies and chains of command. They are disciplined, if only because that is the only way they will personally become wealthy or well to do. They band together, not because they like each other or agree with each other (blacks don’t like homosexual activists for one thing), but because that’s where their future is. They have no future if they break apart and fight against each other, and the leaders of the Democrat party know very well how to manipulate ideological differences so that it benefits the Senate class, the ruling class. They cannot get off the tiger and live.

While Europeans are accustomed to being ruled by presumed betters whom they distrust, the American people’s realization of being ruled like Europeans shocked this country into well nigh revolutionary attitudes.

Yet, many Americans today live in cities and model their European betters in terms of class and social hierarchies. You have the ghettos and economically disadvantaged who speak in lisps while the ruling elite live in their mansions and speak with a refined drawl.

This reminds me of why I hear often on many Americans talk about “you don’t speak English right”. It is, in fact, one of the primary distinctions to tell between a good old boy and a not quite right boy. Sarah Palin, in the end, was recognizable by her accent, more than her charm or aura of confidence. So was Bush.

Cities account for a sizable percentage of the total US population. And perhaps the most populous cities are already Democrat fiefdoms.

Then, its Democratic successor used similarly naked discretionary power (and money appropriated for another purpose) to give major stakes in the auto industry to labor unions that support it.

And that is intentional. You could ask countless questions about whether the people involved did this because of “malice” or because they were incompetent or simply uncaring, but the point is they need to do this. If they do not, their system of power shatters and they all go down with the ship like sinking rats: demon rats even.

Certainly the country class lacks its own political vehicle — and perhaps the coherence to establish one.

The rest of the country is wide, disagreeable, independent, and not particularly interested in a single “guru”. They do not follow Sarah Palin because Palin has the gift of prophecy over the community leaders of the various Tea Party movements. They follow Sarah Palin because she offers them advantages and resources which they cannot come up by themselves. And so long as Sarah Palin provides them this advantage, they will follow her. The moment she veers off into lalaland, is the moment they stop their loyalty train.

This is far different from a chain of command, a political vehicle if you may, that originates from Democrat territory. In Democrat territory, you are not getting off the bus unless you want to die under its wheels. Like the Russian use of security battalions to chivy the conscripts up front, you don’t got much of a choice in the matter of which “leaders” you will follow. Talk to former Corporal Matt Sanchez about it if you wish.

The country lacks a single unified leader because the country is made up out of many different classes of people, with their own interests and beliefs. The ruling class is monotonous, pure, and focused on a single goal. The fact that the ruling class is made up of mostly parasites and idiots, not to mention incompetents or wannabe megalomaniacs, doesn’t really change anything. The C3 remains the same for them and their foes.

By contrast, the ruling class holds strong defensive positions and is well represented by the Democratic Party.

They didn’t get where they are by being incompetent. It is simply that their interests require the transformation of America. It only looks incompetent if you think the reason they have their jobs is to secure the best interests of Americans or their constituents even. The only constituent of the ruling class, is the ruling class. More and more people are realizing this little important secret in the months after Obama was elected. The shock is so great that they don’t even want to talk about it, let alone learn anything more about their Great Mistake of a Generation.

Complete article here

So far, the power of the Left has only grown with the decades. They have suffered temporary setbacks, but in the end, they had more farsighted and well planned end game. For they believed in something special: that the system by which America was born, can be replaced with a system of partial birth abortion, so that no new life may come into being that poses a threat to the greed of a few. All nations die but they are also forever renewed through new life and new birth. Most Americans thought that if they held to tradition and political compromise, working within the system to uphold the system, that the system would continue as it is for the benefit of all. The Left knew that this wasn’t the case. Or rather, they knew where the gaps were through chaos and revolution could flew. The system has been transformed into something that ancient America can not recognize.

Dancing in the wind, with the music in her heart. American fall in an eyeblink, but so can the Left. People simply need to want it badly enough. It will be interesting to see who wants to survive and prosper more. Which side will have the benefit of divine intervention.

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