Martial Arts hidden knockout techniques

This came about with this one video. Then I kept going farther and farther and eventually I reached material that I call “mass hypnosis”.

This is the National Geographic “discovery” of Chi
Funny as hell, if you know what is going on.

Now this is something else. This is an example of how to get attacked.

Best way to avoid getting attacked, if you want to know, is if you:

1) Don’t Insult Him
2) Don’t Challenge Him
3) Don’t Deny It’s Happening
4) Give Him A Face Saving Exit

If you watched the bus fight video before, watch it again with those 4 things in mind.

Where Peyton’s summations won’t do you any good is if
a) you have an agenda.
b) you choose to ignore them in the pursuit of and furthering of that
agenda, your emotions or in the name of personal benefit.
c) you don’t have a basic understanding of boundaries.
d) you’ve overly limited yourself to one social-economic level.
e) you have an overwhelming sense of your ‘right’ to behave a certain
way without suffering any negative consequences.
f) you allow your emotions to hijack your actions.
g) believe you have to dominate or intimidate a potential opponent

Then there is this of a DEA “agent” trying to teach firearms safety to parent-children at a school. That can be termed a Martial Arts Kung Fu, I suppose. The Kung Fu of Stupid, where the better you become, the more stupid you become.

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